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Resources for Parents

Parental Resources

Click the corresponding links below to be redirected to sites offering resources to help further support student learning at home.


General Resources


Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

This is a free site that allows parents to check whether or not the book their child is reading will have a corresponding AR test that he or she will be able to take. AR tests are a quick and easy way for parents and teachers alike to check student comprehension on books that have been read by the student(s).


Accelerated Reader Home Connect

This is an add-on site used by the school and funded through our PTO. The site is how parents can monitor and track their student's progress in the Accelerated Reader program. 


ADDitude Magazine

ADDitude Magazine is a resource for parents and families of students with ADD/ ADHD and similar conditions. From gift guides to articles, ADDitude is dedicated to providing families with strategies and supports to improve the lives of students with ADD/ ADHD.


Alabama Virtual LIbrary

This is a free site that provides access to essential library and informational resources paid for by the state of Alabama for its residents. The site provides access to a variety of safe, reliable research sites for everyone- from elementaty to adult. 


Conscious Discipline

This is the social emotional curriculum used by our pre-k. There is a free membership that will provide parents will access to a library of resources that will support the social and emotional growth of students. 



Reading Resources



MobyMax is a free comprehensive curriculum (reading, math, geography, science, etc.) for grades K-8 that helps students learn "twice as fast" by finding and fixing learning gaps with the power of personalized learning.

Note: Some of the content does require a subscription. 


Reading Horizons Discovery

This is the link to the phonics-based reading program our school is using for reading instruction. Students can now work on this material at home and with parental support. 



Math Resources


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free math resource for grades K- 8. It has over 10,000 videos and allows students to move at their own pace in learning mathematical concepts. is a personalized K-5 math curriculum that provides students with a personalized learning experience. It offers over 100 independent digital lessons per grade and can be accessed at home.